Steve Chard is a trusted, results oriented, Florida Web Marketer. Herein you'll find some of Steve Chard's musings, follies, off the cuff commentary, and possibly some rants on various topics not limited solely to Web Marketing.Read some now...
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Steven Chard
Hello, I'm Steve Chard
Glad you're here today 'cause I have Web marketing stuff to share with you.

Did I learn it all in college? Not exactly.
Yes, I'm a Computer Programming & Analysis grad, and Hospitality Admin, but my success came as a serial entrepreneur in the expanded realm of Internet Marketing.
Steven Chard
Very Experienced
I cut my teeth in
  • retail sales management,
  • rock radio advertising & promotions,
  • Software Engineering on military simulators,
  • Internet Marketing for various marketing departments.
Cut your teeth on new ideas
Steven Chard
I Enjoy It!
Work-wise, I enjoy
  • Web marketing,
  • domaining & developing / flipping websites (VRE),
  • real-world real estate wholesaling, flipping, & renting,
  • Inventing & product marketing.
See if YOUR idea will fly
Hire Steve Chard
Mostly I've learned that you can make your idea fly;

even in a crowded space!
Learn from Steven Chard
You could benefit from the knowledge I've gained from years of learning from books, webinars, tutorials, classes, and other people's mistakes, as well as my own.

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